Preparation of expert reports

The preparation of a report was, is and will remain a legal trade.

Many of the competitors on the market want to lure customers with clear slogans and promise to compile an expert opinion of their vehicle within 24 hours.
There are competitors in the market who promise the customer
"The report is still on the same day as the accident happened"
in some slogans it even says:

Report now here and immediately, at the latest after 1 hour!

In any case, the skeptical and reflective customer will rightly refrain from such offers.


This "just" is quite possible in rogue hoplahop compilations, but this approach is not risk-free for several reasons. on the contrary, it even harbors great dangers that a layman does not even know or even recognize.

Such a prepared report almost always contains so-called supplements. Detecting the components on the vehicle in order to detect internal - initially invisible damage - can scarcely be included in the final assessment of such a quickly prepared report. This results in unforeseen supplements that are then at the expense of your time, or even make after a second, third or fourth gear to the motor vehicle workshop unavoidable. In particular, here interventions in the vehicle structure are meant that can not be seen from the outside under any circumstances. How please someone should be able to create a flawless report as a legal legally safe trade in one hour?
    Furthermore, calculations can only be assessed incorrectly or even incomplete.

For these reasons, Car Crash Info sees itself as obligated to provide the customer with a legally compliant product that is as free of add-on and hassle as possible, so that annoying consequences are avoided if possible.

Of course, a report is as timely as possible created, but not "so just" according to the motto, the main task is through.

Rather, we would like to work together with your workshop and your lawyer together and legally secure and if possible so that if you leave the workshop with your car in terms of this damage event just do not have to come back so quickly.

Only the very close cooperation between you, the lawyer the appraiser and your workshop create for you what we call legal certainty.

Therefore, it is better to do without a car for one more day than to have to rectify any subsequent errors a few times afterwards.

From a Hoplahop report we hold nothing, not only so that the order is quickly off the table.

In this sense, thank you for your trust.