Car dealers

Automobile dealers are apart from the respective operating form pure trading companies.

These companies differ substantially by their commercial form, as well as through the company's size.

So SKR were recently called amplified in the automobile industry introduced 51 modules for car dealers.:

More detailed information can be obtained in their tax specialist lawyer.

The car trade threatens a huge change, because already tie up 42% of all customers who want to buy a vehicle to procure this via Internet exchanges. the car dealers threaten to lose their function as a one-stop-shop. It will therefore happen in the near future (probably in the next 15 years or so) that the classic car trade will increasingly become more and more extinct in the area of the private market.

In times of globalization, but are often also voice or communication barriers in the foreground. There is also among the peoples of different views on the law of contract regarding the sale of a vehicle. For such questions please contact our co - ADAC contract attorney available.